Where are they now?

Thomas Jones


Thomas Jones was employed by Y Prentis in September 2021. He went on to complete an apprenticeship hosted by Haines Painting & Decorating.

Where were you before Y Prentis?

“Prior to Y Prentis, I spent 16 years working in secondary school settings mainly involved with behaviour management but also as a maths teacher. After a break from work due to some struggles with mental health I decided a significant change was necessary, that’s where Y Prentis came in.”

How did Y Prentis help you?

“Y Prentis were perfectly situated to secure me a place on an apprenticeship with a great contractor, Haines Painting and Decorating. As well as ensuring I received an excellent development programme, Y Prentis were always on hand for any issues involving financial support and ensuring I progressed through the training at a manageable rate.”

What advice would you give someone who is considering contacting Y Prentis?

“My advice to anyone thinking of entering the apprenticeship pathway would be to contact Y Prentis, they’re an approachable and knowledgeable bunch who offer whatever support you may require, you really will be well looked after.”

Why do you think becoming an apprentice is important?

“Becoming an apprentice is important because it allows you to develop practical skills and work-based knowledge in your chosen trade. You’ll make some good friends and grow as a person.”

Do you have a career plan for the next 5 years?

“In my first job on site as a qualified decorator, I’ve managed to progress to foreman and am now running job sites as well as supporting and developing Y Prentis’ apprentices. I’m not sure where I’ll be in 5 years as I’m currently just enjoying the journey. I feel as though I’ve found the perfect amalgamation between my old and new career.”

In Progress 🙂

In Progress 🙂