Are you interested in an apprenticeship with excellent working conditions and career prospects?

Y Prentis employ students for up to two years whilst they work towards their diploma in their chosen trade

Our apprentices get excellent experience with a range of companies on different contracts helping them to develop their CV as well as establishing good relationships with a number of companies who may employ them when they are qualified.

Rather than relying on one contractor, who may not have work for the full two years we bring in support from many companies across our partnership. This means that the apprentice is more likely to become qualified and is not as much at risk from contract fluctuations in the construction industry.

The apprentice will also go to college on day release, giving them time to learn the background to their practical skills and network with their friends. They will get real and varied experience as well as increasing levels of responsibility as they gain more experience.

How can I apply?

To apply to become an Y Prentis apprentice, please click the box below. This will take you to our application form which can be filled out digitally or by printing it off. Once completed, please email it back to

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Further information

If you would like to find out more or have any difficulties filling out the application form, please call 0800 9753 147 or email
“I am enjoying my time with Y Prentis, I’m learning new skills on site everyday.”

Raphael, Apprentice, Y Prentis

Useful information for students

Opportunities - Apprenticeship opportunities are secured at various times throughout the year. Each apprentice will work with a number of construction companies and across various construction sites in order to complete their NVQ portfolio. This is where the shared apprenticeship differs from traditional apprenticeships.

Length - Most apprenticeships cover a two year period, with progression from year 1 to year 2 subject to performance and conduct.

Trades - We generally offer opportunities in traditional trades such as Carpentry, Bricklaying, Plastering etc, but we also recruit Ground workers and expanding into other areas.

Recruitment - Recruitment is carried out with local colleges and in most instances and we generally recruit those who have completed a level 1 qualification and area working towards a level 2. Although we do recruit from a variety of sources for Groundworkers, so there isn’t a requirement for young people to be in college.

Entry Requirement - With the exception of Groundworkers, all apprentices are required to hold a level 1 qualification or have successfully completed the Pathways to Apprenticeship programme. Applicants will need to undertake and pass a Construction Skills Assessment prior to being considered for Y Prentis Shared Apprenticeship Scheme.

Hours of Work - Hours of work will be 37 hours per week and start and finish times will be determined by operational requirements of the hosting employer.

Year 1 - £160 per week
Year 2 - National Minimum Wage

Personal Protective equipment - Each apprentice will be issued with suitable PPE in line with industry standards.

Annual leave entitlement - Each apprentice will be entitled to 25 days annual leave per annum and is inclusive of Bank Holidays

Physicality - Work duties will be physical and so applicants will need to be aware of the rigour of the job.


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