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Hannah Jones, Youth Enterprise Manager at Monmouthshire County Council

22nd January 2019

Hannah Jones joined the Board in December 2019, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge from over 20 years’ working at Monmouthshire County Council. She started working with Monmouthshire County Council’s Youth Service as a part-time coordinator for the young people’s centre in Chepstow, the first of its kind in Monmouthshire, before taking the lead in developing three more centres in Monmouth, Caldicot and Abergavenny and supporting a team of youth workers. She then went on to work with the Youth Service, leading post 16 projects which focused on developing training and employment opportunities for young people who are NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Today, Hannah is the Youth Enterprise Manager at Monmouthshire County Council, driving the skills and employability agenda forward for the local authority.