Our Business Plan

This 2018-2020 business plan outlines how Y Prentis will continue to evolve and grow to meet the challenges ahead. The focused priorities set out in the plan will provide greater participation from private developers and Small Medium Enterprises (SME) through offering collaboration opportunities for apprenticeship delivery. By attracting quality recruits, increasing our partner base and expanding the routes we offer, we will be able to improve our offer sustainable opportunities in both medium and shorter-term contracts. This has wider benefits for apprentices who in turn will gain more extensive and diverse work experience.

Our priorities for the next two years centre’s around the core business of Y Prentis and are based on eight interdependent priorities. They include attracting and delivering apprenticeships for talented people and creating sustainable opportunities from a strong partnership base which are embedded in social value ethos. This will be underpinned by supported priorities which determine how we will encourage and develop sustainable opportunities through community regeneration, while underpinning those principles through championing community benefits design and delivery. Consequently, collaborative relationships with our partners and stakeholders is a vital to our success.

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