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South Wales Argus Features Y Prentis Editorial

7th December 2021

South Wales Argus has featured our editorial entitled 'CARBON FREE FUTURE AGENDA BOOSTED BY 10 ACCELERATED APPRENTICESHIPS, PROVIDED BY Y PRENTIS' which promotes the funding which we successfully acquired from the UK Government, through the UK Community renewal fund. You can read the full editorial below, which features on the SOUTH WALES ARGUS WEBSITE. You can also view the original version which appeared on page 18 of the South Wales Argus newspaper, which was published on Friday the 3rd of December 2021, by clicking on the preview image below: SHARED APPRENTICESHIP PROVIDER Y PRENTIS HAS BEEN SUCCESFUL IN GAINING FUNDING FROM THE UK GOVERNMENT THROUGH THE UK COMMUNITY RENEWAL FUND. THE FUND WILL PROVIDE 10 ACCELERATED PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL APPRENTICESHIPS AIMED AT CARBON REDUCTION.

Accelerated plumbing and electrical low carbon apprenticeship programme funding, provided by the UK government, through the UK Community Renewal Fund, has successfully been secured by Y Prentis. The aim is to bridge the skills shortage in the local construction industry by providing ten accelerated apprenticeships. The focus of the apprenticeship programme will be to develop talent in the installation of technological solutions for the reduction of carbon on new buildings and the retrofitting of existing buildings. This will include new alternative technologies, such as air and ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and other renewables that reduce energy and carbon emissions.

The programme will supply ten plumbing and electrical learners, residing within the Monmouthshire area, with rigorous extensive onsite practical experience providing an opportunity to apply knowledge gained from the FE construction courses and academic learning provided. Providing practical experience will create a new generation of workers who can build on their theoretical knowledge and improve their ability to work proactively and pragmatically. Once qualified, the apprentices will be able to utilise their new technological skills they have gained through this programme, with their new employers who will benefit from the future skills gained.

Y Prentis, who are the first welsh apprenticeship company to be awarded a Platinum accreditation by Investors in People earlier this year, will deliver the activities using a collaborative approach in partnership with Coleg Gwent, local employment support agencies, Monmouthshire Council employment teams and partner host clients and contractors. Y Prentis have already secured placements with partner host contactors for some of the apprenticeships and are welcoming other contractors with plumbing and electrical projects within the Monmouthshire area to contact Y Prentis’s assistant programme manager, Nicola Murray, for an opportunity to form part of this pioneering project. Y Prentis will also be the lead and coordinate the programme of learning with the college assessors, trainers, and support staff. In addition, local community venues and services will be used to deliver training sessions and supply goods and services for the activities.

Suitable candidates will be selected and supported throughout their apprenticeship by Y Prentis. All Plumbing and Electrical learners, who have already obtained their Level 2 Diploma and are currently residing within the Monmouthshire area, are invited to complete an Expression of Interest Form, available on, to register their interest. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an ‘Apprentice Recruitment Day’ before Christmas (date to be confirmed) at Coleg Gwent Nash Campus. Y Prentis will supply a full briefing on the accelerated apprenticeships, followed by face-to-face interviews throughout the day. Successful candidates must be available to start their apprenticeship early in January 2022.

Alongside the onsite experience, apprentices will attend a suite of workshops, to include, health and safety, CSCS, and technical courses on the latest technology. By using the shared apprenticeship model, Y Prentis will deliver apprenticeship opportunities which would not happen by utilising the traditional apprenticeship approach. By pooling shorter-term work opportunities and providing apprentices with a varied experience with a wide range of host contractors, Y Prentis and its’ partners will deliver sustainable apprenticeships which add value and addresses a failure in the market.

Y Prentis’s Programme Manager Darryl Williams explained “our vision for the programme is to provide a future needs-centred suite of training and experiences that can be bespoke to developing confident, site-ready workers. By building a network of industry and community partners we will ensure we reach the right demographic of people to benefit from the opportunity, whilst at the same time ensuring that the immediate needs of industry are met”.

The programme will actively support Construction Diploma students and technical learners looking to become ‘site-ready’ through completing their National Vocational Qualification and apprenticeship framework in plumbing and electrical. On completion of their apprenticeship, the apprentices will be supported into employment through CV and interview support in addition to signposting them to contractors through their partner network.

Y Prentis has received £268K to part-fund the project, from the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund. The UK Community Renewal Fund is a UK Government programme for 2021/22. This aims to support people and communities most in need across the UK to pilot programmes and new approaches to prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. It invests in skills, community and place, local business, and supporting people into employment. For more information visit:

Anyone wanting more information regarding the apprenticeship opportunities or who may have placement opportunities for the apprentices, are requested in the first instance to either email Y Prentis on or call the team on 0800 975 3147.

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