Y Prentis has built up successful relationships with key public sector, private and Housing Associations from across the area. This has enabled us to continue a steady supply of suitable students and apprenticeship opportunities.

We are the partner of choice for apprenticeship delivery within all LA contracts in SEWSCAP2 and a wider range of HA development and maintenance contracts.

We have built up a thriving partnership with many partners and are a successful and financially sound business.

Our overall aim is to create sustainable employment opportunities for young people and we are always looking for new partners to help us on our journey.

Our team at Y Prentis is always ready to help if you would like to join our successful partnership or would like more information please get in touch on:

T: 0800 9753 147

“Y Prentis has contributed in a massive way to Community Benefits and the 21st Century School Programme. Mandy and the team at Y Prentis have taken the creation of sustainable employment and skills to a new level, it has been of huge value.”

— Vince Hanley Former Head of SEWSCAP



  • Sustainable employment opportunities
  • The partner of choice
  • Easy to do business with


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“I’m very happy with the Y Prentis scheme as it is key to helping our tenants achieve their goals ”

Peter Watkins, Community Investment Co-ordinator, United Welsh HA