Meet our apprentices

Dominic Evans

06 August 2021

Painting and Decorating Apprentice 

Dominic joined us in August 2019, as a Painting and Decorating apprentice and has now successfully completed his apprenticeship. We are pleased to confirm that Dominic has been able to secure full-time employment with J&B Plastering.

Why did you choose to undertake an apprenticeship?

I was given the opportunity to take part in a few different apprenticeship trades with Y Prentis. I chose painting and decorating as I felt it would be the one I would enjoy and most benefit from.


What was the best bit about your apprenticeship?

Meeting new people in the construction industry and being able to learn new and different techniques that I have never had to use before in different careers.


What are you most looking forward to in your career in Painting?

I am most looking forward to gaining connections with lots of people and building up a name and reputation for myself in the near future as this will help me take on more private jobs.



Has your apprenticeship prepared you for your career?

It has taught me what to expect when working on my own and I now feel confident working independently, when left alone with tasks.



Why are painters important to the construction industry?

Painters are important as we have the job of finishing off the final stages in making a building/house look good and presentable to the buyers who will be purchasing.

Meet our apprentices

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