Meet our apprentices

Ashton Kerr

28 July 2021

Quantity Surveying Apprentice


Ashton joined us in March 2019, as a Quantity Surveyor apprentice and has now successfully completed his apprenticeship and been offered a permanent position with N T J Plasterers Ltd. Ashton will now go onto University to continue his studies and further enhance his knowledge whilst still working at NTJ.

Why did you want to become a Quantity Surveyor?

I had spoken to family and friends about the role and I grew increasingly more interested on what it entailed which made me keener to learn more.


Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

The idea of both earning money and learning a trade at the same time had always interested. By both working and learning I thought they would go hand in hand.


What college do you study at?

I currently study at Cardiff & Vale College.


What qualification are you studying towards?

I am currently near the end of my BTEC Level 3 Construction and Built Environment Course as well as my NVQ.

How do you find balancing your apprenticeship with college?

In the beginning, it was quite difficult to take everything in as you can imagine however, as the term went on and my confidence grew both in my placement and in college things started to get easier and more comfortable.


What is the best bit about your apprenticeship?

In my opinion, it is the experience you gain within your placement. I have been studying for 2 years now and have gained vital experience throughout my placement and the teams that I have worked with have been absolutely great and provided me with support throughout my apprenticeship.


What have you learnt since becoming an apprentice?

I have learnt quite a lot since the start of my apprenticeship. One of the most important things I feel I have learnt is to keep a record of everything. This helps me as a reference point which I can refer to at any time. It seems a simple task but can be a great tool a couple of weeks down the line overall enhancing my organisational skills.


What contractors have you worked with during your apprenticeship so far?

Whilst being hosted by NTJ Plasterers, I have worked with the likes of Lovell, Hale Construction, Persimmon, Morganstone, Jones Brothers, Jehu, and countless others.


What would you say to somebody interested in applying for an apprenticeship?

I can certainly say I have not looked back once since the beginning of my apprenticeship. My advice to anybody looking at starting an apprenticeship would be to go for it.


What are you most looking forward to in your career in Quantity Surveying?

In all honesty I am looking forward to learning more. I feel that I have so much more to learn in Quantity Surveying and I am keen to do so. The aim now is to finish my studies at college and progress onto University to work towards a HNC in Surveying at the University of South Wales. Hopefully once I am successful with that I would then look to study towards a BSc.

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