About us

Established in October 2012 Y Prentis has achieved a considerable amount of success to date. This includes:

Recruiting over 130 apprentices across 7 different trades, including bricklayers, carpenters, ground-workers, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, painters and decorators.

Achieving an 81% apprentice qualification attainment rate.

Ensuring 31 apprentices were employed by their employers after gaining their qualification.

Supporting over 50 apprentices a year in various trades.

Creating a comprehensive business framework of 45 contractors, 17 clients and 10 Local Authorities.

Forming strong links with 21st century schools and other innovative initiatives.

Expanding into technical apprentices (Quality Surveyors) and exploring the potential markets of care, digital technology and retail.

Establishing a strong advisory panel of experienced, skilled members.

“Y Prentis helped me build my CV and gave me experience of working with different companies on site. I would recommend it to anybody, It’s is a really good scheme and the team at Y Prentis are friendly and helpful.”

Cyra-lea Willetts


Y Prentis has an Advisory Panel which is comprised of representatives from South East Wales Construction Companies.

The aims of the Advisory Panel is to advise the Y Prentis Board members to ensure that the Apprenticeship Schemes are fit for purpose and meet the training requirements and needs of the construction industry. Specifically this includes:

Steering Y Prentis in coordinating training opportunities across a variety of construction companies in South East Wales;

Allowing participating apprentices to gain a wide range of experience adding to their ability to gain sector specific qualifications and employment in the construction industry;

Assist in influencing Welsh Government and training providers in prioritising training provision and directing funding appropriately in line with industry requirements; and

Assist in bringing together expertise to meet the training requirements of the construction industry and needs of the trainees in this sector.

The Panel Members pay a fee to part of Y Prentis which pays towards the personal toolkit that Y Prentis apprentices need when they work on construction sites and other items such as additional training needs and personal protective equipment.

The Panel currently has approximately 12 members.


Membership of the Advisory Panel is on the basis that members will be leaders within their field and have decision making powers to add value to the group and to Y Prentis.

The Panel meets bi-monthly and members may be asked to participate in special projects or working groups as appropriate. If you would like more information on becoming an Advisory Panel member please email: enquiries@yprentis.co.uk or call 0800 9753 147.


Click on the logos below to view our panel members websites:


Y Prentis has four Directors, two from Melin Homes and two from CMC²/Monmouthshire Council. Peter Crockett and Adrian Huckin are the Melin Homes Directors.

Peter Crockett is the Deputy Chief Executive of Melin Homes, he has held senior posts in the sector since 1995 where he has gained considerable experience in all aspects of strategic finance, including loan funding as well as other support services. Previously he spent six years in a private accountancy and audit practice where he trained as a certified accountant.

Adrian Huckin is the Director of Communities, Enterprise and Care at Melin Homes. Adrian joined Melin in 2010 having previously worked in senior positions in both the public and housing association sectors for 15 years. His housing career spans a total of 31 years. Adrian is a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Cath Fallon is the Head of Economy and Enterprise for Monmouthshire County Council and previously Assistant CEO of CMC² Monmouthshire County Council’s creative Community Interest Company. Cath’s role involves the day to day management of Monmouthshire Business and Enterprise, a leading economic growth and innovation team. Activities include business support and development, inward investment, young enterprise and entrepreneurship and rural innovation through our Rural Development Programme - further information to be found at www.monmouthshire.biz

The other director is Rob O'Dwyer, Head of Property Services & Facilities Management at Monmouthshire County Council. Prior to this Rob was Property Business Services Manager at MCC. Rob is currently Chairman of CLAW and a Gateway Reviewer at Welsh Government.


These four Directors form part of a Management Board which oversees the day-to-day management and delivery of Y Prentis, measuring and monitoring the performance of the Scheme. The Board also includes a representative from Construction Skills Wales who acts as an observer and the staff who are delivering the programme. It is the role of the Board to consider the overall interests of the Y Prentis scheme to ensure that it meets the needs of the apprentices, the employers, the training providers and the funders. The Board meets monthly to ensure that Y Prentis activities are managed in accordance with the Y Prentis Business Plan and regular reports are presented to the Y Prentis Advisory Panel.


Y Prentis has a small team of dedicated professionals who can help you with your enquiries.

Mandy Summers, Programme Manager

Mandy has over 10 years' experience of working within the regeneration environment, with particular focus on socio-economic regeneration. She has demonstrable experience and knowledge of the social and economic factors that will contribute to the development of sustainable and prosperous communities.

Mandy understands the inherent need for sustainable development with an emphasis on both people and place regeneration and all the complex factors that need to be brought together to aid lasting, positive change.

T: 0800 9753 147
E: enquiries@yprentis.co.uk

Dafydd Langley, Employer Coordinator

Dafydd has over 10 years experience working in the recruitment and training industry. Dafydd works closely with construction contractors enabling the team to move apprentices around different locations to give them quality and quantity of work for personal achievement and to complete their qualifications. He maintains good working relationships with site managers, training providers and the apprentices to ensure the running of the apprentice programme remains professional and easy to access at all times.

Dafydd attends employer/apprentice events around south east wales to actively engage with new companies and new apprentices to allow growth of the Y Prentis programme.

If you would like to contact Dafydd directly please email him on: dafydd.langley@yprentis.co.uk or telephone him on 0800 9753 147.

Amy Williams, Administration & Marketing Assistant

Amy has experience in finance and administration. She deals with with apprentices and contractors on a daily basis and is also responsible for Y Prentis communications as our Marketing representative. Amy is always pleased to help with your enquiries and supports the team wherever possible. Amy can regularly be found on site assisting apprentices with the provision of tools and equipment to enable all apprentices to carry out their day to day tasks.

T: 0800 9753 147
E: amy.williams@yprentis.co.uk

Kellie Hobbs

Kellie works closely with our construction partners in relation to finance, which ensures the smooth running of Y Prentis. She works closely with our Assistant Manager and our Apprentice Coordinator to assist our apprentices in getting all the support they need to enter the world of work, providing initial inductions and ongoing advice and guidance. A pivotal part of the team Kellie’s friendly and approachable nature has proved a hit with all our partners.

Craig Gwilym

Craig works closely with our clients and contractor partners to influence the creation of real opportunities within the construction sector. Identifying and capturing community benefits for a wide audience including apprentices, communities, those in and out of education and underrepresented groups. Maximising opportunities through investment programme and engaging with a range of partners within local communities who may benefit from development opportunities.