Daniel Hearse a former Apprentice from Bridgend is enjoying a new life in the sun after moving to Sydney in Australia following a successful apprenticeship as a bricklayer.

Daniel completed an apprenticeship on a Y Prentis shared apprenticeship scheme that helps young people complete a full apprenticeship programme by working with a number of different employers. The scheme helps them gain the skills and experience they require to become qualified and gain employment.

Daniel said “Without Y Prentis I would not be here now, it was a fantastic scheme that has helped me so much in my work and life. The time I spent with companies including Jehu Project Services and Balfour Beatty, helped me learn practical skills and how different companies work.

Y Prentis has given me the opportunity to learn a skill and without it I wouldn’t be able to get my permanent residence in Australia. I would definitely recommend Y Prentis to any young people considering working in construction.”

Mandy Summers, Y Prentis Programme Manager, said “Our aim is to help young people into sustainable employment. The shared apprenticeship part of the scheme is very important; apprentices are not just placed with one employer but are moved around to different employers to get a rounded experience. Balfour Beatty andJEHU are just some of the many brilliant employers who have really bought into giving young people an opportunity to improve their lives.”   

Daniel Hearse working in Sydney, Australia.

Daniel Hearse working in Sydney, Australia.