Michael Brine is a 29-year-old ex-service man from Cardiff who served in the Royal Navy as a warfare specialist.

After finding himself in difficult circumstances and claiming Job Seekers Allowance, Michael knew he needed to do something about his situation. He got in touch with the British Legion who put him in contact with RFEA (Regular Forces Employment Association). RFEA’s Regional Employment Advisor Julianne Newsham told him about Y Prentis. Michael met with Dafydd who found him his first placement with ISG at the BBC Studios and enrolled him into college at Cardiff and the Vale.

Becoming an apprentice couldn’t be further from what Michael was used to. His time in the navy was spent on HMS Liverpool and whilst on board he followed strict routines and instructions. He was deployed to Libya for 10 months as part of the NATO contingent and then onto Norway on exercise. Michael was awarded the NATO medal for unified protector in 2012 for his part in the NATO contingent.

Michael said: “I was made to feel part of the ISG team from the very start. I was given the tasks of building a smoking shed, fire signs and blocking in on my own, even with the little amount of experience I have.” Michael is enjoying working on the site and says everyone is really friendly and Health & Safety is top priority.

 Y Prentis and RFEA have worked together to make sure Michael’s transition into work was smooth. Michael said that he has been given an amazing opportunity and the constant contact and support from both organisations made him feel well looked after.

Picture from seaforces.org